Get Fit and Run

Before the next school year starts, Gabay Aral sa Makati will organize a running activity on May 29 . Watch out for more details in the coming weeks.

Proceeds for this activity will be for the benefit of Gabay Aral sa Makati.

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GAM on Facebook

Gabay Aral sa Makati has now its Facebook Fan Page. To visit and join our facebook fan page, click here.

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The Dark Night — To the Rescue

Weaving and telling a story is an effective teaching strategy to make students not only grasp but also memorize concepts, ideas, and formulas. A few weeks ago, we talked about Base (B), Percentage (P), and Rate(R).

Grade school teachers use a triangle to symbolize their relationships:

If P is missing, multiply B and R.

If R is missing, divide P and B.

If B is missing, divide P and R.

This is the usual method in memorizing the formula in this topic. However, one of the tutors proposed a story so that students can retain these mathematical relationships in memory. He suggested that we tell a story using Batman(B),Penguin (P), and Robin(R) as characters.

According to the story, Penguin, Batman, and Robin live in a big traingle house. Having a big ego, Penguin took the upper part of the house. While Batman and Robin stayed in the Bat Cave, the lower part of the house.

Batman and Robin tag along each other to capture Penguin and to throw him out of the house. However, Penguin knew about Batman’s plan; so he took Robin. Since Robin was taken hostage, Batman needs to save him from the clutches of Penguin.

My friend introduced this story in our tutorials. After one week, we asked the students again about the formula and the story. They were able to recall this lesson — thanks to the dark night. How about you? Do you have a story to tell that can be related to math or study habits? Then, come and join us every Saturdays.


To Join GAM, please follow click this link.

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GAM Christmas Party

Christmas is a special feast for every people, especially for kids. It captivates one’s heart since it brings joy, hope, and peace. Today, the GAM Tutors held a party in Bangkal Elementary School to celebrate and give thanks for the Christmas gifts that God gave us — our students.

Tutees of GAM

The party started with a prayer and the national anthem. All students eagerly recited the prepared prayer and sang. Then, the emcee introduced the speakers, the lead organizer, and the math department head.

A part from these speakers, Dr. Bernardo Villegas, a well known economist in the Philippines, gave his warm remarks to the  students. He joined us in this party since he wanted to share his happiness for reaching his golden anniversary of his vocation in Opus Dei. Through old and modern songs, he shared this milestone in his life.

Students building towers

Of course, parties can never be complete without entertainment and awards, food, and gifts! After the speakers imparted their messages to the students and the tutors, we had parlor games. The students built a tower out of a limited number of newspaper broadsheets and scotch tape; raced and relayed pingpong balls through spoons held in their mouths; and sang and danced in their group presentation. During the middle of the show, those who got the highest scores in the midterm exams last week were given certificates and chocolates for their hard work and perseverance.

After the games and awards, students ate their sumptuous feast. Tutors served them spaghetti, chicken lollipops, and hotdogs. When we have finished eating, the tutors sang a Christmas song to the students. Furthermore, the teachers of Bangkal Elementary School shared their talent in singing a series of Christmas carols. In each songs, they put voicing to make their carols special. To end the program, everybody sang Silent Night and the tutors distributed the gifts comprised of fruits, school supplies, and towels.

One of the tutors made a beautiful remark about our mission in GAM. He said that if we teach them the right way of living and acting, we are building a better future for these kids. Otherwise, if we leave them behind, we are killing their future. In other words, GAM is all about giving life to these kids not only for today but also for tomorrow.

Come and Join us to give Life to these kids. It is a perfect Christmas Gift and a New Year’s Resolution to make. Join us next year and let us give the future that they deserve.

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